Hallo Armands,

How are you. Is life heavy under Corona crisis.

The projects that we have asked before are cancelled or postponed to a later period.
We still like much the way you build and the outlook and atmosphere of your way of building.

We have a project that we want to proceed in relatively short time.
A shed/barn behind our farm houses of about 20x8m.
We shall prepare the concrete floor and stone base of 45cm above the concrete.
You make the building, send it over with 1-2-3 people to build it up.

Before we can start building we need a governmental permission. That is not easy in Holland.
But there is an existing wooden barn that need replacement.
We want to make the new barn larger. As large as we can get the permission.

Can you make a drawing of a barn based on your way of building and your way of drawing.
We can pay for the drawing costs as it is not sure the building will be affected.

Basically it is open space on the inside.
But we have in mind to, may be, make a living house in the building on 5-10 years.
The floor to be built in at about 3m at that time.

We shall use your drawings to discuss the possibilities with the local government.
Usually changes will have to be made on height, width, and/or length.
But similar projects have been made in the surroundings.
It looks favorable to apply permission still in this year.

We leave some details open for your advice.
The doors functionally can be garage doors, but that spoils the outlook of the building.
But especially the large door in the front is too large in wood. What do you think.
It is so big te let one of our trucks in of (Holland Afrika Tours) for amendment. 4.10m high.

Can you make the drawing and later the building for us.

Look forward to your reply.

With best regards
Huub Vermeulen